Amanda Burzić's work is heavily informed by the poetics of process. Utilizing expressive strokes to create mesmeric planes of color, she explores concepts of physicality and emotionality. The artist examines language in all its forms - both written word and visual cues. Her work is honest and visceral in its abstraction. Burzić delves into the unorthodox with vigor, diverse methods skirting the line between disturbance and comfort. Angels Always Speak German will reflect upon her time at Zhou B and OH Art Foundation with a large-scale installation. Her paintings will be presented in a similar manner to their conception: thoughtful, unrestrained, and authentic. Burzić strives to make nuanced impressions beyond the canvas, allowing viewers to reflect upon the complexity of language, form, and intentionality.

Amanda Burzić (b. 1994, Austria) is currently studying at the University of Art and Design in Linz. Burzić has shown her work throughout Europe, including Antwerp, Tirana, and Vienna. She has received a scholarship from the county of Salzburg for the residency exchange program at the Zhou B Art Center. This is her first solo exhibition in the US.

Angels Always Speak German was on view at OH Art Foundation from June 21st to July 12th, 2019.