“Life is architecture and architecture is the mirror of life.” - I.M. Pei 

OH Art Foundation is pleased to announce a new and exciting educational opportunity! We will be traveling to the 41st Street Pedestrian Bridge to learn more about the design and impact behind the structure. Transportation and supplies will be provided. Children will be encouraged to explore and problem-solve through design by either drawing the 41st Street Bridge or creating their very own bridge. After a day of engaging fun, participants will be able to bring home their creation. This is a fun and educational opportunity for youth to directly experience and reflect upon architecture. After all, the future is in their hands!

WHERE: Drop off and pick up your child at ZHOU B ART CENTER (1029 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60609). We will travel as a group to the 41st Street Bridge.
WHEN: Saturday, October 12th (Changed to rain date because of inclement weather)
WHO: 2nd - 12th grade. Please scroll down if you (parent) are interested in accompanying your child.
HOW MUCH: Free, just bring a good attitude! Donations to the Foundation are welcome.

Spots are limited, so be sure to RSVP in advance! Registering online is required; unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate drop-ins because of the nature of this event.

All supplies will be provided for this free learning experience. Instructors will guide participants through various drawing techniques in a variety of materials. We’ll be discussing introductory concepts of architecture and its impact on community.  

This event would not be possible without the contribution of John Clark of Cordogan Clark & Associates, the architects and masterminds behind the 41st Street Pedestrian Bridge, and Mag Vacations!

Important Information for Parents -

Please meet in the back of Zhou B Art Center at 3pm. We will be departing promptly at 3:15. We will be taking attendance before leaving, so please let us know if your child cannot attend. Be present to pick up your child at 5:30pm at the same location. 

You’re welcome to attend as a family and follow us to the bridge in your own vehicle! If that isn’t possible and one parent would like to ride in the bus with your child, please contact us at 1029ohart@gmail.com and we will make accommodations for you.

Please check the phone you used to register often; we will call, text, and/or email with updates.

If your child has any medical conditions or allergies we need to be aware of, please note them on the registration form. Please get in contact at 1029ohart@gmail.com with any concerns or questions!

Because our activities will be mainly outdoors, please have your child wear weather appropriate clothes and shoes!

Our educators will be closely supervising participants, but please understand that by attending this event, you agree to hold OH Art Foundation and its employees/volunteers harmless from legal responsibility of any unanticipated situations and problems.

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