Sergio Farfan is a Chicago-based artist whose artwork has been featured in numerous exhibitions and nontraditional art spaces. His impressive body of work has metamorphosed immensely during his time as artist-in-residence at Zhou B Art Center and OH Art Foundation. Over Time reflects upon and celebrates Farfan’s artistic and conceptual development during his time here and ponders upon what is yet to come. His artwork strikingly examines and illustrates the complexity of emotions. Utilizing expressive mark-making and rich layers, Farfan builds colorful narratives that reflect the duality of human nature. His vivid figures and landscapes exist in realms of the playful yet somber, nostalgic yet contemporary. The distinctive abstraction featured in his pieces reveals the complex inner workings on the human mind: Farfan explores seemingly dissonant emotions and their ability to exist simultaneously. Over Time exists not only as a display of the artist’s personal examinations; viewers are perhaps also encouraged to look within their own inner psyche.

Over Time was on view at OH Art Foundation from April 19th to May 10th, 2019.