We’ve been committed to providing quality art education since 2009.


Who We Are

The OH Art School was founded in 2009 in Northbrook, IL to offer quality children’s art programs. We’re now located in the Zhou B Art Center in Bridgeport, Chicago, and continue to maintain our mission of providing invaluable visual art opportunities to youth.

We focus on children’s art education and offer opportunities to open students’ horizons through programs. From weekly small group lessons to portfolio development, OH Art enriches and challenges the students by introducing various cultural elements via visual projects.

In our weekly small group Visual Language Program, children can learn how to express themselves in a creative way while receiving individualized and committed attention - 6 students max per teacher. Students explore and learn through both individual and collaborative projects using various materials. All the materials needed are provided by the class, including a 18” x 24” sketchbook. Year-round visual language programs epitomize with an annual student art exhibition in December


Why Join Us?

Restrained by traditional educational curriculums, children have less and less opportunities for creative learning. Art education is vital for the development of young children. Art education benefits young children to develop hands-on skills by working with tools and materials. The process of art making also strengthens students’ cognitive development in understanding and problem-solving. Our program is one where children can have fun while simultaneously expanding their cultural perspective through our curriculum.

Visual Language Program

Students will broaden their visual art skills using various art materials while learning conceptual and cultural vocabulary. Students will receive individualized attention and complete painting, drawing, and sculpture projects. Please contact info@ohartfoundation.org with any questions.

Spring Semester
- 15-16 sessions total with 1 make-up class. Includes all the materials with 18" x 24" sketchbook for both drawing and painting. The Spring 2019 theme is centered around China. Registration is open at a prorated price. Optional payment plan available.

Summer Camp -  One-week full-day Summer Camp that will include 15+ cultural art activities; all materials included and students bring their own lunch. Our Summer Camp theme is Republic of Korea and will run from August 19th-23th. Registration is open!

Fall Semester - 15-16 sessions total with 1 make-up class. Includes all the materials with 18" x 24" sketchbook for both drawing and painting. Fall semester theme to be determined; registration will open soon!


OH Art Student Exhibition

We host an annual exhibition at the end of the calendar year to showcase students’ work in the gallery space and to come together as a community to celebrate. The 2019 Annual OH Art Exhibition’s date is to be determined, but take a look at last year’s exhibition!